When you walk the path of entrepreneurship, you may find yourself feeling like their are SO many wrongs. You may begin to question the decisions you make, feeling overwhelmed, vulnerable, and it can become difficult to get yourself out of your own mind-game. So, we reached out to Wendy Snyder, the creator of Fresh Start Family, a business that teaches parents about how to incorporate Positive Parenting psychology & strategies into their family environments.  Not only are you about to dive into Wendy’s story, but hopefully come out feeling like this path of entrepreneurship is not so lonely after all…


1. Where were you a year ago? 3 years ago? How have you grown?

The last year has been a whirlwind!
In April of 2017, I decided to jump in the deep end and take all of my positive parenting teaching online to create FreshStartFamilyOnline.com featuring a 4 module online positive parenting course (The Foundations Course), as well as a monthly membership support community (The Bonfire). I saw that there was a big deficit of solid support for busy families who had trouble finding the time to make it to a physical class, but can more easily log on to learn online.

My heart was drawn to build not only an online program for families to learn this work, but also a community for them to feel like they belong and that the imperfections of their kids and themselves, were perfectly normal! A place they could come to be supported when application of positive parenting tools didn’t go so perfectly the first time. A place where they could ask questions and share success stories and high five one another for being peace makers and dream seekers of the world. A place where they could be part of a movement of families who believe in the power of kindness, compassion, dignity, grace, empathy, peaceful conflict resolution, strong & respectful boundaries, and connection…but also need real life support with tools on how to lean on these things in their daily parenting walk.
I poured my heart into content creation, website building, digital marketing, customer service, self-growth & online technical education to make the transition online a success.
At the time, I knew that switching from “in person” teaching to “everything online” would be a big endeavor, but I don’t think I fully understood just how much work it would take and how much faith it would require to stay the course. Meeting Katie Saffert in the fall of 2018 was a Godsend, as she truly supported me in a thousand ways as I learned to believe in myself, navigate the highs and lows, stay true to my vision, voice & values, as well as feel supported by fellow entrepreneurial women who are also boldly and courageously chasing after their dreams.

2. What are your best tips? Most valuable resources?

Make sure you find a community who will cheer you on and where you can find support, tools, ideas, hugs, resources, etc. It can be easy to say “it’s too tough to find people who get where I’m at”, but just keep searching till you find a group to connect with. Being alone as an enreprenuer can have detrimental effects on the long term success of your business.
It takes courage and perseverance and persistence and faith to stay the course through the often scary & intimidating & exhausting initial start up phases of starting a company. Learning to grow through every step of the journey is key and finding patience to accept that sometimes things don’t move as fast as you’d like are important.
Also being sure to acknowledge just how far you’ve come over a period of time or as Katie Saffert calls it, be sure you have a strong “POWER FILE” (collection of successes) to look at when you’re feeling discouraged or like you’d rather just give up.

3. How did you overcome any obstacles, struggles, etc. that were in your way?


Tears seem to really help me feel better when I reach a state of total overwhelm! Hatched Collective has been one of the spaces I felt comfortable letting my imperfections, overwhelm and vulnerability shine and it has helped me to keep going. Being with others who are facing the same type of mind-games, negative self-talk, limitations, and questions as you, reminds you “I’m not doing anything wrong….I’m just walking the path of entrepreneurship, like all of these other women!”
Also a few more tid-bits of wisdom that I’ve learned along the way:

  • Small tweaks can make MAJOR differences. Things like the time of day you send an email out can dramatically improve open rates. It helps to remember that when sales, open rates, subscriber rates, or webinar conversions are disappointing, it doesn’t mean everything is bad. Instead, perhaps,  just one area needs to be adjusted.
  • Collaborations with the right people are wonderful. Personally email people you adore & let them know that you’d love to work with them one day.
  • Debt is often essential to building a business & can be really scary, but is also a gift to be able to hold.
  • Self-care is non-negotiable, a must to combat the stress of being an entrepreneur (exercise, meditation, prayer, date nights, naps, etc.)
  • Building a business often takes massive courage & vulnerability. Putting yourself out there is scary and invigorating at the same time!
  • Celebrate the successes, even small ones. When you add them up, they represent massive wins and growth!




Wendy Snyder is the voice behind Fresh Start Family  She is passionate about equipping parents with tools to create strong families built on foundations of mutual-respect, compassionate, connection & trust. Her online classes The Foundations Course & Jesus Guided Parenting teaches parents how to implement Positive Parenting psychology & strategies into their lives and her monthly membership program The Bonfire provides support, coaching & encouragement to keep parents motivated, consistent & successful. She lives in sunny San Diego with her husband and two children.